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Topics: Criminology, Crime, Sociology Pages: 3 (741 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Running head: NATURAL LAWS 1

Natural Laws are determinates of Man-Made Laws
CJUS 200, Term D
July 1, 2012

Natural Laws are determinates of Man Made Laws
Without laws, ordinances, and regulations society would be mayhem. Martin (2006) stated, that “in the civil-social area, the Biblical Christian believes that the government is a gift of God for the orderly procedures of man in a fallen world” (p. 57). If the fallen of man never transpired then there would be no need for government. Given such, if there were no government, we would degenerate into anarchy (Martin, 2006). Inciardi (2010) stated, “natural law refers to the body of principles and rules imposed upon individuals by some power higher than man-made law and therefore considered to be uniquely fitting for and binding on any community of rational beings” (p. 29). Considering we know the definition of natural laws, what is the definition of man-made laws? According to Siegel (2011), Criminologists view deviant behaviors as any action that departs from the social norms of society (p. 14). In other words a “deviant act becomes a crime (man-made law) when it is deemed socially harmful or dangerous; it will then be specifically defined, prohibited, and punished under the criminal law” (Siegel, 2011, p. 14). Inciardi (2010) stated, that “not all deviant behavior is criminal behavior and conversely, not all criminal behavior is deviant behavior” (p. 30). Siegel give examples of what is criminally deviant and what is not: Recreational drugs use such as smoking marijuana may be a crime, but is not deviant. Many deviant acts are not criminal, even though they may be shocking or depraved. A passerby who observes a person drowning is not legally required to jump in and render aid. Although the general public would probably condemn the person’s behavior callous, immoral, and deviant, no legal action could be taken because citizens are not required by law to effect rescues....
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