Reflection on Winter

Topics: Winter, Season, Hibernation Pages: 1 (460 words) Published: November 7, 2011
On a winters night.... that's how most scary stories start. Do I think Winters scary? No. Winter or winter's night isn't scary. I actually love winter. I love winter because I would rather be cold and bundled up in clothes, then hot and wearing next to nothing, winter's my favorite season because its the most prettiest of seasons, I especially love winter because the whole month is merry and people are celebrating the upcoming holidays. Winter is special to me, no, not because I was born in winter, actually I was born in my least favorite season... Summer, Winter is special because it's how most scary stories starts. On a winters night.... When Winter comes around I'm exited. I love to go to bed cuddled in blanket after blanket. Not like in summer where you try to get blanket after blanket off of you. I like to go out side and feel the comfort of the cold wrap around me. I love dressing in layers, and I can't do that in summer. I love the way the day turns into night so much quicker, I never have been a fan of the sun. I love the coldness of winter, how my nose and cheeks turn red when I'm walking. I seriously think I want to move to Alaska.... When I walk outside I see beautiful trees all around me. The tress are hibernating. The take the nutrients the leafs have and store them in the very pit of themselves. They sleep, kinds, out Winter. That is what makes Winter so beautiful. The hibernating trees. Yes, I know, weird to think that right? But the way they turn that color, they make Winter Winter. The grass is frosted over and gorgeous. Yes, I think dead grass is gorgeous. Not the ugly summer crap, but the hard, frosty, and frozen grass. I love how the sky seems brighter in Winter. So beautiful... Who doesn't love presents? I know I do. Winter has a symbolic meaning, Christmas. I love how everyone is happier in winter. How people are so much happier and sweeter to other people in Winter. Santa comes so kids are acting better, life is amazing and peaceful...
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