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Reflection on Wesley the Movie

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Reflection on Wesley the Movie

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Lecture 1: Self- Awareness                                                 Date: June 27, 2009  
“Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?” These questions are asked by some people who didn’t have a chance to develop their self- awareness. Self- awareness is the answer to these questions. It is the ticket to discovering who we really are. The more we continue to study and learn about how our mind works and how the external environment affects us, we will discover the answers to those questions and we will learn about our true self. Knowing oneself is the key to becoming a person for others. By studying more about self awareness, we are able to understand qualities that we need to improve and what we are lacking. We should be able to determine our true purpose in life.  

We sometimes, unconsciously, decide for ourselves what qualities we should have. We may or may not like what we have done but we should remember that we should not only develop qualities we like for ourselves but we should also develop qualities that are essential in our community. It is important for us to understand that we cannot share things that we do not have; we therefore have to discover, understand and love ourselves first before we can teach, understand and love others.  

Self awareness is the first step in personal development. Being  aware of yourself; how you think, what you feel, how you communicate with others, what is your relationship with God, gives us the opportunity to discover and enhance the good qualities we have and to change the bad qualities we do not want to develop. The first step in self awareness is to know your name. There are two definitions of a name, the first is the name given to you by your parents and the second defines the kind of person you are which is given to you by other people.  The name given by your others is more important than the name given by your parents because we are judged not by our given name...

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