Reflection on the Movie “the Cider House Rules”

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  • Published : April 3, 2012
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The story based in Maine during World War II, partly in the home of an orphanage, partly at apple orchard where migrant workers come every year to pick fruit and press cider. Home of an orphanage. Doctor Larch –director of orphanage. He is a gynecologist and helps mothers who come to the orphanage give a birth to unwanted babies, and also performs abortions (illegal at that time). One of the unwanted babies is Homer. He was unique from the beginning. Homer was adopted twice, but unsuccessfully and returned. His first parents thought he was too quiet and second parents beat him. So Dr. Larch decides that Homer will grow up in the orphanage. As Homer matures, Doctor inducts him in the world of pregnant and delivering women. Never attending medical school, he becomes good obstetrician. From the beginning Homer was against abortions. He thinks that people should be responsible for their actions. Dr. Larch believes that women should have the right to a safe abortion and that unwanted children should not be brought into this world. One of his points its life of a little Fuzzy. A fetal alcohol child has damaged heart and severe asthma, spending all of his time in an oxygen tent. His days are numbered from the beginning and maybe were better for him to never be born. Fuzzy dies and is quietly buried. One day Homer makes his escape. He leaves with a young couple Candy and Wally that had come for abortion. Wally an air force pilot, he is on the leave and soon will be returning to duty. Homer accepts the job on Wally’s family farm. The cider house. In the cider house Homer live with black migrant workers and he is the only one who can read. When Wally goes off to war, Homer falls in love with Candy. Her “not good at being alone” seems like a weak alibi for her betrayal of Wally. Later, Wally’s plane crashed and he is paralyzed from the waist down. And after he returns home, Candy takes care of him and leaves Homer. Mr. Rose the oldest one in a group of...
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