Reflection on Stewardship in Business Practices

Topics: Christianity, Love, Decision making Pages: 4 (1628 words) Published: November 9, 2011
God’s Business: A Reflection on Stewardship as a Christian

Stewardship is by definition an ethic that embodies responsible planning and management of resources. Christian stewardship couples the first definition with the firm foundations of the Christian beliefs. Bringing the two together, one can surmise that Christian stewardship is the embodiment of responsible planning and management of the world’s resources using Christian beliefs as the criteria for the decision making process. For one to understand Christian Stewardship, one must recognize that the motivation behind Christian business choices is based on Christian principles and the belief of perfect unconditional love. My definition of Christian stewardship is founded on the belief that because of God’s ultimate sacrifice to us, Christians prefer to sacrifice with purpose and persistence and apply those preferences in order to make business decisions. Our everyday life and the decisions we make in it are the most effective testimony of our Christian beliefs. Christian stewardship should be the very essence that drives our every action. From a business standpoint it is the mission that drives our vision for our everyday life. But, how each person applies this to his or hier life life and livelihood can vary in degrees and focus. This paper will attempt to outline how Christian principles can be applied to our decisions as we walk in stewardship. What can God expect of us and why? After all, he gives forgiveness freely to anyone who asks. So where is the expectation? The expectation is not in the front. God gives us the gift of forgiveness. The expectation also doesn’t come from him. Although it is derived from his love, he doesn’t expect anything in return. Instead, he inspires us to create momentum from his divine truth. The expectation comes from within in our attempt to honor that God’s unconditional love. The choices made everyday in business are guided by the expectation one...
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