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The message Abbey was trying to convey in the speech was that peace is not war but war is used to create peace. The purpose of Abbey’s speech is to explain her concept on how peace is the reason of wars. Throughout many techniques and rhetorical devices, Abbey has shown this referring to the poem Five Ways to Kill a Man by Edwin Brock and George W Bushes’ speech on 9/11. Abbey also questions that if this is the concept of war, to create peace, then is war really necessary? I think that the intended target audience of the speech is to those who also, like Abbey, question the point of war. In this speech Abbey gives her own personal opinion, which was can all somehow reflect on as well.

Abbey’s speech was performed very well using good projection, eye contact and articulation. The use of pauses between questions and strong statements leave us to wonder and reflect on what she has just said, which helped her speech create more of a connection to the audience. There was also a great use of rhetorical devices, which I explain later in this reflection. Although the speech was performed excellently, she should keep in mind for next time to be a little bit more loader, show more of a connected emotion to her speech and more body language.

Throughout her speech Abbey has used the rhetorical device of rhetorical questions. Abbey has used this technique in numerous ways. She has firstly used it at the beginning of her speech by questioning the audience about the point of war. An example of a rhetorical question at the beginning was, “To create peace there must be war?” By using great pauses between each the questions this created a great effect in making the audience reflect on the rhetorical questions she is asking.

Another example of Abbey’s use of rhetorical questions is at the end of each point throughout her speech she has ended it with a question. This is good because she is basically showing her point at the conclusion of each paragraph, enhancing our...
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