Reflection on Self Study

Topics: Language, Learning, Gramophone record Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: May 17, 2011
Reflection on self-learning
The main objective of my independent language learning this semester is to enlarge and activate my vocabulary (i.e. 120 assigned words and 120 personal words) and to improve the organization of my writing. Compared to the objective I set last semester, “to learn 100 words or expressions, including 70 active words and 30 perceptive words”, I will not only grow my vocabulary substantially but also learn to activate these words in my speaking and writing. Frankly speaking, only recording and remembering isolated words by rote is regarded as of little use for a significant improvement of my English. Therefore, I modified the objective which I set last semester and put more emphasis on the usage of these words. Thinking of my previous learning experience, writing remained the weak spot of my English skills. I could still remember the time we were asked to write an article about “My hometown” in the first LANG001 class. I was too panicked to think of anything to write and it turned out even worse when I looked around and saw all my classmates were writing smoothly. In this semester, I will make effort to improve my organization of paragraphs, such as coherent and cohesive paragraphs and clear controlling ideas. In fall semester, MyWords was my best helper with my vocabulary learning. Firstly, I was knee on recording new words in a beautiful note book with their definition, collocation and translation. However, after 3 weeks we were ask to do a in-class vocabulary test and I suddenly realized that recording words in notebook had done little help of my vocabulary as I seldom referred to words on previous pages and it was hardly possible to evaluate my learning in such way. After I shared my ineffectual learning method with my instructor, he suggested me to use MyWords tool to record the words and to evaluate my learning by doing online self-check quizzes. Thanks to his advice, I made full use of MyWords and it contributed to a significant...
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