Reflection on Presidential Candidate Views

Topics: John McCain, Republican Party, George W. Bush Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Reflection on Presidential Candidate views

I personally am a supporter of Barack Obama. My family is considered a middle class family and throughout my life, we have been democratic in terms of politics. I have four other siblings and all of us have or are attending college. We find education very important and with raising tuitions, this is one of my main concerns. Republicans would have tuition increased while Barack would frankly try to do the opposite and this is another reason he has my vote. I do not understand why, tuitions being as high as they are now would have to be increased. Especially when one of the primary focuses of our nation is to educate the people. Mitt Romney and other republicans blatantly ignore the fact that not everyone can afford higher education although we as a nation promote it should be something every American has. I can’t support or even begin to allow such groups who come off as selfish so often.

The views that my group and I read about included Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s views on the LBGT and same-sex marriage. I found that Mitt Romney came off as detached and removed in his support of the LBGT. It was almost as if he was just making the statement because he had. To make matters worse, Mitt Romney disagreed with same-sex marriage in statement although as governor of Massachusetts he seemed to be a supporter at the time. This makes him look like an abusive user, as he will seemingly say whatever it takes to receive the votes necessary for him to win. Someone like this does not seem trustworthy and can easily go back on any promises he makes. So why would I vote for him. Although, I do understand that this is how politics works. As governor of Massachusetts, he almost had to back same-sex privileges to gain support as a good percentage of the population was in support of the movement. Now as head presidential candidate for the Republican Party he must take on the ideas of the greater percentage of its...
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