Reflection on Personal Image

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Reflection on personal image
It is important to develop my personal image because I believe it affects my life in many different ways. I think a number of factors influence my image most. They are my appearance, facial expression, gestures, behavior and the way I talk. First, I believe personal image affects my social life badly. Some people who were new to me might see me as a shy person. Whenever I went to a new environment, I was so nervous that I could not greet others easily. Also, I seldom talked to others who were not familiar to me. Therefore, it was not easy for me to make friends with others because I did not take the initiative to talk to them and they might think I was difficult to get along with. Second, I believe personal image lowers my self-confidence. I think others should see me differently from the way I perceive myself because I did not behave exactly the same in front of people and when I was alone. My close friends saw me as a sunny person because I was talkative and I laughed a lot. But I sometimes perceived myself as a coward because I cried quite a lot when I was alone. Therefore, I was not very confident about myself. Third, I believe personal image plays an important role at a job interview. Although I was shy in front of strangers, I pretended to look confident and communicative in interview because I believed these could help me to develop a positive image that I was capable and eager to get the job. To conclude, I want to be a more confident person because I want to make more friends. Also, I think it can help me to lead a more positive and happier life.
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