Reflection on My Teaching Session

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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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Now that I have completed my teaching session, this essay will discuss and analysis my performance using Gibb’s (1998) model of reflection which identified six key stages which are: description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, and conclusion and action plan. Finally I will conclude by reflecting on my role as a nurse educator, identifying my strength, weakness and put forward an action plan for my future development in teaching. Description

A teaching session held at KK hospital’s small lecture room was conducted to 4 patients and all were accompanied by their spouse. The whole teaching session lasted half a day with tea breaks in between. At the start of the session, all the patients were asked to give a brief self introduction and how they felt after knowing that they were diagnosed with gestational diabetes. After the brief introduction, I presented the topics using PowerPoint presentation. After each topic, there was a question and answer session. In between the presentations, there were interactions and playing of video clips related to gestational diabetes. There are also sessions teaching patients how to use a glucometer and insulin administration. Towards the end of the session, patients are require to do a return demonstration to me so as to justify my teachings. At the end of day, evaluation forms were filled by the patients and they were each given a set of educational material to bring home.

I felt that this session should be carried out in a few sessions instead of compressing everything into one day. Patients should be given more time to interact among themselves. I should also limit the number of participants to 3 couples maximum so that I can have more time with each and individual one of them.

The strength of my session is that I am able to relay my messages across and patients feedback that they have learn a lot of new things. Patients also realize that they are not alone and that there are also other...
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