Reflection on Lesson Plan Quality for 8th.Graders

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  • Published : April 19, 2011
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University of Phoenix Material

Key Theories of Child Development Worksheet

Part I: Fill in the following table with information regarding the main theories identified in the Key Child Developmental Theories activity.

Theory| Approach to research (research design)| Components of the approach| Historical milestones of the theory| Psychosocial TheoryIs a scientist method used to organize and predict behavior and mental process | Is the structure of thought, why people behave the way they do| Emotions works hand in hand with the cognitive process| Wilhelm windt opens the first experimental lab in psychology in Germany in 1879. Influence people, Albert bandura, Freud, Charles Darwin, Jean Piaget,| Social Learning TheoryIs how people learn about each other, and how it occurs from stage to stage| We learn by observing, paying attention. Our behavior depend consist of a combination of environmental and character| Imitation, role model, understanding concepts. People learn through observing others behavior, attitudes and the outcomes of those behaviors| Albert Bandura concepts that learning occurs to four main stages of imitation. Behavior can be learn through modeling| Cognitive-Development TheoryRefers to mental activity, including thinking, remembering, learning and using language, understanding information| Process of using out thoughts accordingly. Modeling takes place constantly in everyday life| Cognitive mean able to show how a process is done and giving reason why it happens that way| Jerome Bruner and David Ausubel has been an influenced on cognitive development. Cognitive milestone is a skill a baby acquires within a specific timeframe and can varies differently for each child| Sociocultural TheoryStates our cognitive developmental processes, learning processes are merely products of our society and culture. Each cultures have their own beleift,values,manners| Social cultural is everything join together and form the makeup of...
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