Reflection on Human Cloning

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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PHIS004 – N4

Human Cloning

I can remember when I was still a 7-year-old-girl. I imagined of having a twin sister with identical features I have. I’d been thinking it would be fun because I would have someone I can could play with aside from my siblings and saw myself on my twin as my alter ego. Then I realized that it won’t be possible. Nowadays, with our modern technologies, the impossible turn possible; a pen with video camera, a rechargeable car or car ran by water or by the energy from the sun, a mobile phone and other inventions, innovation or modifications. A septuagenarian can even get pregnant and give a healthy baby through technologies. Scientists even made a clone of plants, animals and eventually a human being. Does human cloning helpful or harmful?

When I was researching about this topic, there were ideas, questions in my mind that really made me ponder: 1. Do clones have souls?
2. Do clones have the same rights as normal human beings? 3. Where will they be staying?

This human cloning is a very big leap to the future and a big technology invented ever. JESSA M. CASTILLOTTH 9:00 – 10:30 AM
PHIS004 – N4

The Church does not approve human cloning because only God can create. But personally, I think there is nothing wrong with it if human race can be improved, diseases can be cured. All we have to do is be responsible of what human beings have invented. We are the masters of our creation and we should not allow ourselves to be enslaved of what we have created. Otherwise things wrong. I believe, in the near future, human beings will continue to make wonders and unbelievable or amazing things. But may they remember what Spiderman said; “Greater power comes with greater responsibility.”


PHIS004 – N4
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