Reflection on Genesis 22

Topics: Book of Genesis, Binding of Isaac, Abraham Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: April 12, 2012
Reflection Paper 1
In Genesis 22 God decides to test Abraham. He tests Abraham by instructing him to take his son, Isaac, to the land of Moriah and sacrifice him. Abraham obeyed and took Isaac to the land of Moriah, without Isaac knowing what was actually going on. Just as soon as Abraham was ready to kill his son, an angel of the Lord stopped him and told him that he knew he feared God. The angel then gave Abraham a lamb to sacrifice instead of his son. Since Abraham obeyed his command, the Lord said that he shall bless Abraham and make his offspring as numerous as the stars of heave and as the sand that is on the sea shore, as well as posses the gate of their enemies and bless the nations of the earth.

If I was put into Abraham’s place in the same time and under the same circumstances, I would, probably, follows Gods command. In Genesis 12-21, God and Abraham create a type of relationship. Abraham creates a trust with God. God creates a covenant with Abraham promising descendents, possession of land, and blessings as long as Abraham follows Gods exact commands. Abraham agrees. While Abraham is doing as God says, following God and the places he is showing and circumcision, God has not held up his part of the deal. When God finally did hold up his bargain, Abraham realizes that he can trust God and realize how powerful he really is.

I would probably respond to God’s command with confusion. After the whole time and struggle of conceiving a child and their first child, Ishmael, not being considered their descendant and then having to conceive another child, Isaac, I would probably think why did I spend all this time and struggle trying to conceive a child and now you want me to kill him. I would also think that God did keep the promises he had promised in result of me following his commands, that if I did kill Isaac, something good may come out of it. Therefore, I would trust his command and kill my son.

If I were to not follow God’s command, I...
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