Reflection on Financial Markets and Institutions

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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I plan to show my current knowledge of financial institutions and markets by sharing real life experiences I have had. To define financial markets and explain those real life experiences with an insurance company. Lastly, I plan to explain the main functions that the insurance company performs. Very good, your introduction provided sufficient background on the topic and previewed the major points.

Financial Institutions
Today my biggest knowledge of financial institutions is my local credit union called Aberdeen Proving Grounds federal Credit Union. They offer me a convenience that allows me to easily access money. They give me the ability to deposit, withdraw, and save money. They also offer loans, which I have not utilized, such as mortgages, credit cards, personal loans, and bonds. A credit union is a not-for-profit institution where their primary goal is to serve their members rather than to maximize profits. “Credit unions are not-for-profit financial service cooperatives, owned and controlled by their member-owners, and operating in a democratic way” (APGFCU, 2009). You cited original works that follow APA guidelines in the body of the text.

Financial Markets
Financial markets is basically a community that allows people to buy and sell, trade, financial securities, commodities, and other items of value. One market I have had experience with is the stock market. The stock market provides financing through the issuance of shares or common stock, and enable the subsequent trading thereof. It is one of the most important sources for a company to raise money. It provides a business to raise additional capital by being publically traded. My own experience with the stock market has been successful. I have done different things for a 401k where I have most of my money in a large hedge fund. I removed most of my money from the hedge fund and put it into a saving account when the market was crashing a few years ago. I have since moved it back...
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