Reflection on English Learning

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Assignment 1:Reflection on English Learning

English is one of the international language.In my previous school life,it is always around me.Although it is easy for me to learn English,it does not mean that I will have a good English.So teachers use methods to teach us how to improve our English but actually some of it are not effective.

My secondary school is a EMI school and English is my major language.We can use English in lessons but unluckily my English did not improve a lot since my English teacher just told me to do more and more exercises.It was so boring and gradually I lose my passion.Sometimes there were some activities which attract me,for instance,watching films,playing games and listening songs.But most of it cannot increase my English level successfully.

When I look back on my past English learning journey,I find that teachers only concentrate on teaching me some skills which can help me to get a good grade in exams.They seldom teach me grammar.Most of it I learned form a book called grammar focus.As a result,my grammar is very weak.Besides,lack of vocabulary is one of my weaknesses because I do not like reading although reading is the best way to enrich my vocabulary.

In the coming two years,I need to build up a good reading habit.I will read at least one newspaper article each day so that I can learn some common but useful words.
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