Reflection on English Learning

Topics: Writing, Hong Kong, Essay Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: March 31, 2013
In this research project, our topic is Individual Visit Scheme. First I talk about the good aspects in our group. As we all know the scheme can help to boost Hong Kong economy in four different aspects. So, the first good aspect is each member does one aspect respectively. We can find the information more specific for each aspect. I think it is better than four people to find information for each aspect one by one, because the information may be too widespread and repeated, also we need to use many time to cope with them. Furthermore, we did the online and library research, I and Beryl were responsible for the library research. We disturbed the job, one person responsible for one part. We both think that, this method is the best, as it is efficient. The second aspect is we hand in our “homework” on time. It is very important. Because if someone is late, other members need to wait him/her, that become inefficient. Fortunately, our group member never happen this situation. (173Words)

In our work progress, we must face some difficulties. Firstly, I would like to talk about writing the thesis statement. We all know the Individual Visit Scheme has many advantages, such as increasing the employment rate, increasing the retail rate, etc. We want to use one of these be the thesis statement. But, it would become too less information that we can write. We should let the thesis statement become broader. Secondly, I am going to talk about the writing essay outline. When we discuss the essay outline, we only found three factors, which can help to boost Hong Kong economy. However, we need four factors in the research project, so we try to solve this problem. Finally, I will talk about the library research. Although, I talk several good aspects about the research before, we also face some obstacles. For example, we need to a person who talked by the magazine. But we cannot find this magazine. (158Words)

In order to solve all problems, we try to think some solutions....
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