Reflection on Drama Lessons

Topics: Conversation, Performance, Theatre Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: December 16, 2012
This is my first lesson from the break as I went to Hangzhou that I’ve obviously missed a lot a lot of things, I also received an email from Mr. Walker about the things that I have to do on my own for catching ups. So this lesson I don’t really know what was going on.

We started off with 2 warm up games, just to get our muscles moving and warmed up for the later on activities, they aren’t related to TOTA. We first played “Splat”, then the “Fox and the rabbit” (I’m not so sure about the names).

After that the class was told to discuss the worksheet from last lesson, I got the worksheet afterwards from Mr. Walker. The class was told to get into groups of 3, I was with Enrica and Jonathan. I looked through the worksheet, it was a worksheet about the play “The Zoo Story” (which is one of the parts that I missed because of Hangzhou). I didn’t know what to discuss as Enrica and Jonathan both didn’t do the worksheet and don’t really understand the play, so I asked Mr. Walker about some information of the play. The play is about 2 main characters, Peter, the “successful” man in the ply and Jerry, with mental illness and desperate to have a meaningful conversation. They met in the center of New York Park and they started chatting. They conversed a lot of meaningless stuff, like the play “The characters”, meaningless conversation. Between conversations, they’ve mentioned about their families, frinds, social lives, the zoo that owns and whole lot more. At the end of the play they argued, Jerry threw a knife at Peter and told Peter to pick it up, Jerry then rushed to peter’s hand with the knife and killed himself. Due to the limited amount of information I have, I’m not able to answer the questions, but because Enrica and Jonathan doesn’t understand too, we didn’t actually discuss, we tried to work on the questions on the worksheet instead.

We got into our assessment groups after the discussion. I’m in a group with Vardeep and David. Vardeep was absent today so...
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