Reflection on Communication Practices in Nursery Setting

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Paralanguage Pages: 4 (1243 words) Published: November 18, 2012
SHC 31: Promote communication in health, social care for children’s and young people’s settings Unit reference: J/601/1434
1) Understand why effective communication is important in the or setting

1.1) Identify the different reasons people communicate People communicate to others for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes this can be essential , such as lifesaving situations or to reach out and make contact with others through sharing various types of information. People communicate to:

* Make and develop relationships
* Obtain and share information
* Express thoughts, ideas, opinions, feelings, emotions, wishes, needs and preferences * Give and receive support

1.2) Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting (With examples, relating parents, work colleges, ways in which we communicate. Include references and quotes) Introduction

Communication in my work setting, as in others, is essential. I use different methods to communicate with the children, other team members and with the parents and carers, and this ensures continuity of care for the children. In other words communication- the use of different means to get across information- is vital to work towards covering the children’s needs. Being able to send and receive messages appropriately is the key to communicating well. Effective communication is central to my everyday work, hence I use a range of communication skills that I try to continuously develop to be able to use them effectively to carry out the numerous aspects of my work role. Body

Effective communication depends on identifying who is going to be your audience and what message you want to give out (Arnold, 2004). In the following lines I will provide examples of how communication can be effective in my work setting When talking to someone, it is important to get their attention before starting to communicate our ideas or thoughts. When I am making a rule explicit to a child, such...
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