Reflection on American History X

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  • Published : August 21, 2012
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Reflection on American History X

After watching American History X, I swore to myself that this would be one of my favourite movies of all time. It changed my view on racism, violence, abomination and change. These four were all exposed in the movie. Those three were very much shown in the film even at the beginning of the story when Danny told his brother, Derek, that a group of black guys were breaking in to his car. Their father, Danny and Derek, was killed by a black man that caused Derek’s abhorrence for Negroes. Derek, without hesitation, pulled on his gun and the youths died from a deadly force. Derek ended up in prison for three years and in that span of time, he experienced many things that changed this attitude and perspective in life.

The guide questions were discussed before the movie. At the start of the movie, I definitely thought that Derek was a bad citizen and a bad person. But when the film ended, my outlook certainly changed. Derek is a bad citizen but a good person. There was just so much hatred and abomination in his heart triggered by the people who killed his father. He is a bad citizen because he violated the law by killing civilians. He was also part of a frat-like group who did terrible things wherein he was admired and considered superior. He was also a bad person at first, when his mother’s new boyfriend visited their home, Derek acted rudely. But then again, I suppose that it was just prompted by the death of his father. When he was freed from the prison, he changed. He no longer hurts his family and decided to leave the group with his brother.

In the prison, Derek met a Negro that helped him change his view on racism. This guy shared stories with him while they were doing the laundry. For me, this guy is a good person and partly a good citizen. He got into prison for a very shallow reason and he was convict and stayed in jail longer than Derek, who killed a civilian. He is a good person because he did it...
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