Reflection of the Role and Responsibilities of the Teacher

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Knowledge Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: December 10, 2011
Roles and Responsibilities of a teacher are vital and must be learnt, as a general rule, to ensure quality of teaching. To embark on this journey it is essential to attain enough knowledge about the subject and gather the correct material for teaching. It is not only sufficient to hold good quality knowledge on the subject, but also have a presentable appearance.

The teacher is responsible for student behaviour and classroom management, as well as to understand the capability of the learners. Therefore it is essential for teachers to assess the students level of understanding. As all students learn in different ways, there is the Honey and Mumford theory 'learning styles' (Honey, P. & Mumford, A. 1992), to assist teachers. By carrying out group work it will provide a good chance to get students working together as it facilitates the need for productive talk, (Edwards & Mercer, 1987). Here the 'sociological' learning style can be applied. By implementing this on the students it allows them to learn from each other and share ideas with one another. The students can also participate in exploratory talk (Mercer & Hodgkinson 2008) which allows them to teach each other and take ownership of their own ideas. This is very encouraging as it allows the students to indulge deeply on the knowledge they hold, when explaining to other individuals. Also with the help of the internet and modern technology there are many ways to get the students interactively involved with lessons. To allow them to work on their own, will be a better way of learning as they will be learning on their own terms. Here one other learning style has been applied, which is the 'tactile' style, this is where the student learns best when they are given the opportunity by doing something by themselves. On the other hand there is the auditory learning style whereby a learner benefits from simply listening, so if the lectures are well planned and class discussions are carried out it...
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