Reflection of the Habits of the Heart

Topics: Meaning of life, Goal, A Great Way to Care Pages: 3 (1319 words) Published: November 17, 2010
In the chapter one of the book, Habits of the Heart, the writer demonstrated four characters and presented different American voices in a common tradition. The key theme of these tradition are questions about how Americans to think about the nature of success, the meaning of freedom and the requirements of justice in the modern life? Within these four individual stories of Brian, Joe, Margaret, and Wayne, Margaret’s character is most like me. Margaret was raised in a stable middle-class family and she valued the individuals should stick rigidly to your own standard and mind your own business. To Margaret, the individual fulfillment is much more important than the attachment to community. Margaret concerns more about the realities of human nature and modern social lives than the unrealistic well-lived life. Inspired by her parents, the value of hard working is a key to achieve academic and professional success. The value of hard working is not only means to work hard, but also to do it as well as you can possibly do and to take pride to your work and being responsible to the work. Unlike Brian Palmer who climbs the cooperate ladder so hard to achieve self-reliance and material success, neglecting his own private family issues; Margaret actually holds a lot respects to her parents who raised her, and feels a strong sense of responsibilities to them. To me, I grew up in a traditional middle-class family, same as Margaret. My parents had strict standards to me and started to cultivate my determination and independency when I was very young. I had to clean my own room and wash dishes every time after dinner, which was a good way to develop my independency. I was also forced to learn piano at five years old, although my parents insisted that I was the first one who had the curiosity of piano. During the process of learning piano, I had several times wanted to give up while facing difficulties. However, my parents did not let me go that easily because they...
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