Reflection of Team Work

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  • Published : May 21, 2011
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Reflection of Team Project
The team project determined to be an excellent example of teamwork. Teamwork is essential in any type of career, and by doing team projects while still in school will continue to help me prepare for my future. The John Deere Dealership Program that I helped work on proved to be a success. Not only did the team learn how to work as a team; the team is leaving something at this university that will help students in the future. I feel that if this program is implemented, many students can benefit from this internship experience. I just wish that this program had been implemented four years ago so my colleagues or I might have had a chance to participate in this program. The project itself turned out to be a great learning experience for every member of my team, including myself. A student’s school and work schedule is tough enough to work out, but when there are four different schedules to work around one must collaborate with the other three to work out meeting times. The team I participated with worked out meeting times the best we could. I believe that this is an experience that each member should remember in the future, especially when we have to form meetings with colleagues in our career. While working on this team project conflict arose, and we had to overcome these conflicts. Conflicts are a big part of any team because of the amount of people working as a team. Conflicts are bound to arise, and each person must realize that their idea is not always right. I believe that knowing ahead of time that conflicts will arise that team should run a lot smoother.

Communication is also a key to a successful team. If a person is reluctant to communicate with the rest of the team, his of her ideas will not be expressed in a completed project. I feel that in small teams like we had, it helps a backward person become involved due to the small amount of people in the group. I believe that every person’s opinion is important in running a...
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