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  • Published : February 23, 2011
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a. I chose Martin Luther King, Junior’s speech. The name of this speech is “I have a Dream” b. I listened to this speech in Chinese when I was in the middle school. I was attracted by this title-“I have a Dream”. This time, I want to listen it again in English in order to feel the original feeling of this speech. c. First, I am impressed by the introduction part of this speech. The opening is a powerful one and can stir up the listeners’ passion. When I heard it, I really want to know what he would say in the body parts. Second, I really enjoy the body parts, because he stated out what the situation he and his listener are facing. These things are the key ones for them, because they are related to their benefits. His speech can arouse every body’s response. His speech let me trust him deeply, I believe what he said and what he thought is absolutely right. In this situation, he can deliver his main idea perfectly. His main idea is that every people have their right to seek their dream and make it come true. Third, his conclusion is brief and meaningful. He restated his key point and shows the audiences a bright future. Fourth, the organization of this speech is perfect. He analyzed the audiences and the background of his audiences. He chose a right topic for his audience. He also did so well in the words choosing. He used the right words in the right occasion. The transactions used between the paragraphs are brief, but meaningful. These transactions make this speech smoothly. The audiences can know where is going clearly. I also like his tone in this speech; he emphasized the important points with a strong tone. Through this way, I can feel his feeling clearly. He also uses the eye contact to make the connection with audiences. In this way, I can feel that he was speaking to me personally and it can also arouse my passion. d. First, in the opening, he said “Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand signed the Emancipation...
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