Reflection of Rescitation Trolley

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In this reflection, I am going to reflect about the competency No. 5 which talk about demonstrating the ability to check and identify the resuscitation equipment of the emergency trolley. What is reflection first of all. ”Reflection is an active process of witnessing one’s own experience in order to take a closer look at it, sometimes to direct attention to it briefly, but often to explore it in greater depth"(Burton 2000). Reflection is an effective methods for health practitioner and all people as well. It provide useful learning from the incident, make a proper intervention and to examine it in depth. The use of reflection will benefit practitioner and patient health improvement as well by not repeating mistakes again. I am going to use Gibbs reflective cycle. I will reflect about the ideal emergency trolley arrangement and crush trolley I found in Khoula Hospital. The purpose of this reflection is to compare between both of them. Reflection process:

During our first block of training in Khoula Hospital Accident and Emergency, this incident occur, I checked accident and emergency trolley and I found it arranged on this order:
Defibrillator with three leads and electrodes , oxygen cylinder, suction regulator with vacuum, O2 flow meter, O2 face mask, BP apparatus , light, stethoscope , paediatric ambu-bag , stop clock, CPR board, and ACLS algorithm hanged also, sphygmomanometer with adult cuff. All equipment are present except pediatric ambu bag with mask according Khoula hospital checklist.

First drawer:
Emergency medication: Inj. atropine, Inj Adrenaline, Inj. lidocaine 2% &1% , Inj Lignocaine @%, Inj. calcium gloconate, Inj. Dextrose 25%, Inj. sodium bicarbonate, Inj. adenosine , Inj. vasopressin, Inj. magnesium sulfate and water for injection. All equipment are present in place according Khoula Hospital checklist except dextrose 50 %. But some emergency medications were not available. Like, Inj...
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