Reflection of Diversity

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Reflection on Diversity
Carla Wilson
Devry University

Discrimination is most often related to race. However, there are instances where it can be departmental. There have been few times when I felt as though I was being discriminated against, but when I did, it was not a good feeling. Though I am not in a minority, racially, I am in what feels like a minority department within the company that I work. Our hospital and health system has several outlying facilities: rural health clinic, daycare, long-term care, orthopedic surgeon’s office, and general surgeon’s office. I am employed under the rural health clinic department.

Most people that have been discriminated against do not sue their employer (Bell, 2007). My case of discrimination did not come as a result of race, but rather as a departmental issue. In our clinic, we have very few employees. We have a receptionist, a medical assistant that works up patients, a nurse practitioner, a billing clerk, and I am the nursing supervisor for all the provider offices. Our office has received one raise in the last seven years. The explanation that we were given is because our office does not generate enough profit to pay for us a raise. We do not have a full-time physician seeing patients, just a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners typically do not see as many patients as physicians, thus bringing in fewer funds. The problem that I have with this is that our system receives grants from the government for our rural health clinic to be here. That money should be added to our revenue, but it is not. The money is available because we are there and should be added accordingly.

Each of our positions in the clinic is compared to the same title within the hospital system. Our starting salary is the same as the same title’s starting salary anywhere throughout the system. One of our patient care representatives, whose primary responsibility is billing, does so for numerous providers. She does the billing for...
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