Reflection of Class

Topics: Paper, Want, Writing Pages: 4 (1368 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Jack Perry
WRD 103-104
Professor Tilley
November 13, 2012
College Writing
            After finally leaving high school for college I realized that writing papers was no longer just a two-day process. The way I have learned to articulate myself while writing at the college level is much higher than I could’ve previously imagined. Throughout each paper that I have written in my Writing Rhetoric and Discourse class it has taken me quite a few days, to a week, in order to get enough feedback. Then again I also feel that the professor has pushed me to go deeper into a subject rather than just skim what is off the top. Albeit my college writing career has just begun I feel as though I have moved leaps and bounds above my expectations, but still have plenty of room for improvement. DePaul University has taught me a great life long skill in such a short amount of time.             Back in high school most assignments were reactionary. We would read a prompt and explain how we felt about it. Even with interesting topics I felt as though I was not actually accomplishing anything because who cares what some teenager has to say. Well in college it is no longer the same, I am given a topic such as with the “It’s All About Chicken’s” paper and have to take all emotions out of it and build an argument without reactionary statements. This was challenging in the way that I had to think outside of the box. I had to present how Mark Lewis felt as though chickens were smart and amazing creatures while Susanne Langer felt that they are just animals who don’t think. It took a couple weeks to put the whole paper together and not just two nights of half effort. Not only though did I put in a lot of effort but so did my peers, who don’t even per say care what grade I get, helped me make my paper better. They help find those small errors in grammar and spelling while also asking questions if I didn’t explain enough. The peer edit process at the college level is much more in depth...
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