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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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reReflective Practice Journal


GNED 500 – 120

Brandon Tito – 300637791

Professor Selom Chapman-Nyaho

“The aspects of individuals and groups that include: language; ethnicity; gender; experience of migration/immigration; social class; political affiliations; family influences; age; sexual orientation; geographic origin; experience or absence of experience with discrimination” (GNED 500, p. 73). Our identity is the key that grants us a representation of who we are as citizens and what we stand for. Personal identification is what separates and differentiates us apart from other individuals in our world. Identity is strongly significant in our lives because the development of personal attributes and contributions is what makes us unique and superior in our own way. Our perspectives and points on how we view the world are also based on our personal identities and how we establish that image. A. How did it affect your thinking?

While acquiring an adequate understanding about personal identities, it is important to build and create a “personal brand” for one’s self in which can be recognized and looked upon by others in a positive manner. B. Has it changed your perspective on a particular issue? How? Yes, having a clear understanding of our personal identities has changed my perspective on a particular issue. As emphasized on a familiar quote, “become a leader, not a follower”, this quote indicates a great representation of personal identities as well as personal branding. An individual should be superior to their own brand as well as justifying and claiming ownership of their identity and not mirroring a representation of someone else’s identity and brand. C. Has it raised any new questions?

Most definitely, the term “identity” has had many questions raised in previous times. Many of these questions were raised from many different perspectives such as political, scientific, genetic, academic, religious, and symbolic...
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