Reflection Journal 3

Topics: Review, Peer review, Perspective Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Collaboration and Peer Reviews

Reflective Journal 3
One major advantage of collaborating on a project is that working with a group can infuse a project with a rich array of perspectives. Another advantage is it makes the project more time effective because you have a group and you can assign different tasks to each member. A disadvantage of collaborating is that you are dealing with a lot of different personalities that can sometimes clash. Another disadvantage would be some members may be inclined to contribute too much to the project while others seem to contribute too little. In reviewing my peers’ writing I have learned that my peers’ have a lot of great and different perspectives. I also learned that my peers’ questions about the writing were more helpful than their suggestions. Peer review has encouraged me to think even more critically about what I am writing; to always look at things from more than one perspective. I’ve learned that there are a lot of errors you can miss proofreading your own paper, however, your peers’ are able point those mistakes out to you. I feel that peers’ give you a clear sense of how well your writing is fulfilling its purpose. The major advantages of peer review are your peers can help you generate ideas by challenging you to consider other perspectives. It benefits you because when you see another's problems and successes, you can become more aware of your own. The more you prepare to speak or write thinking about a real audience, the better you'll do. The best feedback is honest and specific but also tactful and sympathetic. You'll receive diverse and often conflicting feedback, and you'll have to figure out who you need to listen to. Some disadvantages of peer review are sometimes peoples’ feelings get hurt because they feel like they are being insulted. In peer review you must respect others’ feelings or it could cause disagreements. At times your peers can contradict each other and leave you confused on whether you...
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