Reflection in Ffp

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Hanna Leah T. CacayanFebruary 28, 2013
FFP 10 – ACA

A Bigger Challenge

Getting into a place where I am not familiar with is nothing but exciting. I am from a place where you can just easily get by from one place to another, basically because it’s not that big in the first place. I have accepted that this kind of place will definitely set a challenge for me. But that wasn’t the only challenging thing; of course, I have come to a realization that there will be a lot more.

It was during my enrolment that I overheard a couple of mothers discussing about how Xavier graduates always get the jobs first. The other mother replied it was because of the trainings or the ways that they provide that what makes their students easy to detect among others. In my 2nd semester here in Xavier University, I can say that the First Year Formation Program (FFP) has been one of the most useful (and most inspiring) experience that one can achieve after stepping on the grounds of Xavier University.

I tried to imagine all the things that I have done during the entire period of this subject. A lot of ideas came in but only one keeps on rushing back. It was identifiable, because all along I have never treated it as something else. The idea of helping others is really basic. For ages, my father has been telling me to never forget to help, when the time comes that I am already capable of doing so. I never questioned the idea; probably because it came from my father or simply because the idea of helping is “good.” Either way, it is through FFP, that I have actually learned how and why we help people.

First encounter of the “joy of spirit of helping” was when all of us were required to memorize the XU Profile of a Graduate and the school’s Mission Statement. The last sentence emphasized, “In service of the Church and the Filipino people.” It clearly states the goals of this institution. As a student of XU, it is an honor and also an obligation to be able to do something for...
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