Reflection for Rizal's Eye-Opening Journey (the National Hero of the Philippines)

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  • Published: March 2, 2011
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Reminiscing the Life of Dr. Jose P. Rizal
A glance to his eye-opening journey

Submitted by:

Cornelio, Ruth
Estabillo, Janine
Obligado, Avelardo
Odper, Renelyn
Ora, Rex
Reyes, Cristine
Rosete, Jaysieca

Submitted to:

Professor Ortañes
Works, Writings, & Life of Rizal

September 27, 2010


We would like to express our gratitude to the following persons who have made this historical visit possible:

To our Professor, Mrs. Ortañes, for her support, encouragement, and wonderful ideas for letting us explore and maximize our knowledge about our national hero trough going to the places related to our studies.

To our Parents, who are always there to understand, assist, and give us our financial needs.

To the staff and administration of the three Historical Places we visited: Rizal’s House Historical Museum, University of Santo Tomas, Manila Main Campus, and Fort Santiago, Intramurous Manila.

Lastly our greatest gratitude to the one above all who is always with us. We thank God for keeping us safe all the time and for all the knowledge and wisdom He is giving to us.


Jose Rizal made a lot of things for our country. He left a great legacy to the Filipino people through his eye-opening works. He helped the early Filipinos to get our freedom and democracy. He imparted his values and principles to awaken people’s mind regarding the wrongdoings Spaniards in our homeland. We can see him as a man with so many achievements and accomplishments. These achievements and accomplishments if we just allow will surely give all of us inspiration in all things that we do. These will also inspire us to value many things and our country to make our lives more...
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