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First of all, I would like to thank to the God as our forum had run smoothly as what we had expected it to be. Then, followed by my course lecturer, Madam S whom had guided us a lot and corrected some of our major mistakes during the “Mock Forum”. I felt very grateful to have group members like A and B as the three of us had worked as a team to complete this assignment. Through this forum, I had learnt the value of group work. When we are working as a team, we should put away hatred, egoistic and boastfulness and work as a team to achieve the best for the whole team. I also experienced that at times I need to accept others’ idea which is more brilliant and practically is more logical to be fulfilled. Tolerance is the key for success in each and every team work assignment. I admit we had faced few misunderstandings and conflict while carrying out the task given but we managed to solve the problems and we had achieved a higher level in our discussion. Team works will make a single work easier as we can divide the job among the team members and it will not consume us much time. We can discuss any doubt that we faced during our research together in the discussion and come up with a better decision. Lastly, through this forum, I had gained my confidence level to be brave and bold enough to speak in front both the TESL classes. I was not as nervous as last time as I had done researches on how to be an effective speaker. Those tips are really helpful and I had practised a few during my group forum presentation.
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