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Topics: Learning, Kinesthetic learning, Study skills Pages: 5 (1795 words) Published: March 7, 2012
Before taking this class I’ve always thought of myself as an average student. I thought I had decent study skills that weren’t too good or too bad. Although most of my friends never wanted to study or work together I’ve always found that I work better in groups. I now know that I’m a kinesthetic learner which I hadn’t know before I took this class or even known what the word kinesthetic was for that matter. There are various learning styles, concepts, and techniques I’ve learned throughout this class that I will take with me as I further my education.

There are 3 different types of learning styles visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Auditory learners learn best from seeing the material. Auditory learners do best with information they can hear. Kinesthetic learners are those who enjoy hands-on experimentation to help them fully comprehend the information in front of them. After learning what I did on learning styles I know that I’m a kinesthetic learner. I’ve always loved field trips and I would rather do a project in class or in a group than watch a movie or listen to a lecture. Finding out what kind of learner you are can help your study skills. Some strategies for kinesthetic learners are taking notes, making charts, making models, and playing games. Knowing what kind of learner I am now I’ll participate more in class and stay active as this is how I learn best.

Procrastination is my middle name and a very big problem with students of all ages. Time management is one of the most important things that can be crucial in keeping good grades. I’ve been known to do things at the last minute which is a very bad habit. With many distractions around you It's is very easy to put things off for later. I’ve learned to do my assignments when I first get them rather than later so I don’t get behind and not giving into peer pressure to go out all the time. Some strategies you can use for time management are getting a calendar and staying organized. Also you can get a to-do list and cross of items once you have finished or completed them. Scheduling things in a proficient manner will give you time to do everything you need to and not at the last minute. Break big jobs into smaller ones to manage your time and studying. With everything I’ve learned in time management I now write everything important down and do them one at a time until I’ve completed what I needed to do.

Most people don’t have don’t have the best memory and end up having all types of problems because of it. I myself forget things all the time. One time I forgot to pick up my cousin from school and clock out of work. As for school work I’ve came to class many times and said the “oh we had homework” line because I forgot to do it. When it comes to memory I’ve learned to read, recite, review, and rewrite until you can say you know the information. I remember things that are meaningful to me. One way to create meaning is to learn from the general to the specific. Another example of this is making a mnemonic device such a “PEMDAS” please excuse my dear aunt sally. A weekly planner could never hurt either when trying to remember things. Using this tips and strategies has helped me in both my studies and personal life.

You have to some type of reading in just about every class there is. The problem with most students is that they either hate reading because of lack of enthusiasm or just never do it at all. My problem with reading is that if it’s boring I tend to zone out. I can read a whole page and if you ask me what it was about I wouldn’t know. One thing I’ve learned to use is the SQ3R Method which stands for “Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review.” It’s a proven technique to sharpen your study skills. Reading before class is a strategy can that can be very helpful. This gives you a better understanding of the upcoming material and helps you participate more in class rather than sitting back looking clueless. I’ve learned to also read in small bits to not bore...
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