Reflection Essay

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Reflective Essay
My personal learning style can be best described as kinesthetic, which means that I tend to learn more through experience than I do through lectures or other observational methods. This, however, does not mean that I am a bad listener, or that I do not learn at all by reading, writing, and attending lectures. One of the most important things that are bound to affect my learning is the fact that I am not always confident in my work, or my ability to properly accomplish the tasks in front of me

The next piece is a rough draft and a revision of the opening paragraph of my third paper . . . What I had failed to do in my second paper was clarify terms, namely dharma, and that is what I started to do in this paper as well. To me, the revision shows a clarification process . . . I had a clear idea of [the terms] in my head and tried to portray this on paper . . . These two paragraphs show me that I can read my papers better, although not perfectly, from the reader's perspective now than I could at the beginning of the term. (Erica) I like my second essay the best out of all my work because the subject I wrote about means so much to me. I included my very first journal entry along with my second essay because I feel it was the first time I ever discussed my feelings toward the problem of Indian reservations on paper. My views about the issue in this entry are very different than when I finished the essay. I feel it is an important piece because it shows how my feelings have changed and also, I think, matured. (Zoe) Reading other peoples' papers helped me to develop my analytic reading skills. It was sometimes hard to stay focused in reading other peoples' papers because I would often find myself saying "Why didn't I do that?" or "Did I also make that mistake?" Reading other peoples' papers served to break the sort of mind block with which one typically views one's own paper. After reading another person's paper, as unrelated as it may have been to...
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