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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Essay of Reflection
I have learned through different projects and papers what my strengths and weaknesses are. My weaknesses outweigh most of my strengths because writing is a challenge for me. Since the beginning of the year my writing skills have slightly improved. My writing has gotten better over time with the help of my English teacher. I have managed to get at least a B on most of my writing assignments which I am proud of. Writing is a process of expressing thoughts and ideas. For me, that is not hard to do. Using hooks, anchors and other concepts in that category is not my best ability. I still try to do my best while writing an essay even though it usually does not turn out as good as I would like them to.

Through Miss. Kelly’s English class I have learned a lot about making a strong thesis and claim. I must admit that these two concepts are hard for me to do. A claim is a main idea backed up with evidence that supports the thought. I have also learned how to debate a thesis. Debating ideas is a lot easier aloud than doing it on paper because it requires a lot of deep thinking. Often times I can sit for a while and not be able to finish a paragraph because I don’t know how to start or finish it. If a thesis is correct people should be able to have reasonable differing opinions. Also, I learned how to explain quotes in depth. Usually when I take a quote from a text I would just slightly explain why I chose the quote. In this class I learned that it’s best if you explain the quote with a lot of detail to prove to the reader why this quote makes sense for your claim. All the things I have learned are still a work in progress because I am still attempting to regularly apply them to my work.

I have many writing deficiencies such as expressing ideas, fully developing ideas, and making strong claims. I am really good at fully developing and expressing ideas when it comes to poems and other writing pieces. When it comes to essays my thought process...