Reflection Assignment

Topics: Writing process, Writing, Paper Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Marco Rivera
Mr. Bowman
10 December, 2012

Reflection Assignment
In this semester I feel my writing has improved in so many ways, one of my biggest accomplishments has been working on run-on sentences. I have learned to identify them and how to correct them. My writing has had a drastic increase, it has been improved in so many ways and it still is. The writing process I felt more confident about was the brainstorming. I liked it because this step gave me the option to write down everything I could on the piece of paper. I also was able to come up with different ideas and connect them. The writing process that was least enjoyable is the thesis, since I always have difficulty connecting the thoughts, but I still manage to do them. Some of the tips I learned in class helped me get a thesis together such as, how can they relate and finding the transition sentences.

The annalistic paper was most enjoyable; I liked this type of paper because it pushed my brain to think outside the box. When I say outside the box I mean it showed me another way of viewing the same information but from different perspectives. I also found it interesting how many comparisons can be done from just two images. In the semester the assignment that interested me the most was the noiseless flash reading. I like that assignment, because it intreded me and I decided to continue further research, which later in the semester it developed into my research paper. I liked the reading not just because of the information, but on how they were going through their normal lives and saw it happen. I found a way to relate since we as people don’t expect those things to happen, and we go through many daily routines not worrying about what’s going to happen if a nuclear war broke out.

The most difficult writing I had to do was the research paper. The paper was very explanatory but I really haven’t done much work with research so I found it hard citing the sources and...
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