Topics: Automobile, Mechanic, High school Pages: 2 (840 words) Published: April 9, 2012
As a young child my grandmother often recited to me “Education is the key to success”. It was her stern attitude towards education along with my father’s love for the field of auto mechanics that has long inspired me. The trade of auto mechanics was first introduced to society with the creation of the first motor vehicle in 1769. Since then it has become an auto mechanic’s responsibility to diagnose, repair and provide knowledge of automobile and motorcycles whether it be diesel or gasoline operated. Since that time this field has grown tremendously with the introduction of new and innovated ideas. Their hands on approach combined with the high demand of auto mechanics have driven me to pursue this career path. My father’s successful career as an auto mechanic was one that I aspired to emulate while growing up. By utilizing his entrepreneurship skills at a young age, he created a successful auto mechanic business establishing faithful cliental. The opportunity to observe how customers relied on him to diagnose, repair and to educate them piqued an interest in me. While in high school I took every opportunity to advance my knowledge of cars and high performance vehicles. My father was my first source of knowledge and served as a resourceful mentor. I began spending my summer vacations working at my father’s shop challenging myself to learn as much as I could. I always began subscribing to magazines related to the field of auto mechanics and developing my love for the craft. It was difficult to connect with many of my friends during this time because of our different interest however I was focused on my new aspirations to become an auto mechanic. In order to become an auto mechanic I knew trade school was in my future. I did not want to commit myself until I found one where all my needs could be met. I continued to work at my father’s shop as an apprentice and looked to him for knowledge pertaining to the craft of auto mechanics. My father voiced his approval...
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