Topics: Myocardial infarction, Heart, Cardiac arrest Pages: 2 (841 words) Published: June 7, 2011
Reflective Essay
In this essay I am going to give a reflection on a job we went to, the feelings of the crew members, analysis of the condition and a conclusion. I will be looking at myocardial infarction, the causes, how it is detected, how it affects the heart and how it can be treated. As we went into placement with a small amount of knowledge of ECG readings I am hoping this essay will give me a better insight into the key factors of picking up myocardial infarctions on an ECG. We were called to 68 year old male who had gone into cardiac arrest while visiting his GP with chest pain. The patient was down for about four minutes and shocked twice as advised by the AED. The patient had a pulse on our arrival and was being assisted with his breathing by a nurse using a BVM and oxygen. On entering the room I immediately heard the patient making a snoring noise which indicated to me that he needed help to maintain an airway. I proceeded to insert an OPA upon which the patient bit down so as advised by the attending paramedic I inserted an NPA and continued with oxygenating with the BVM. The ECG picked up that the patient may have had a myocardial infarction as there was ST elevation in L2, L3 and aVF. The patient was also hypertensive, dyspnoea, sinus tachy with GCS of 3 rising to a GCS of 6. On route the patient became severely cerebrally agitated which may have been due to hypoxia? I felt very nervous throughout the incident but felt that I maintained a professional manor. Although I felt nervous the incident went very smoothly. This was my first cardiac arrest so it through me when the patient became cerebrally agitated and I asked my mentor if this was normal in a cardiac arrest patient, who replied no. my crew mates felt that the incident went smoothly but caught them of guard as the job was for breathing difficulties. We had a few problems as due to cerebral agitation we were unable to obtain a BM as we had to hold him down so that he wouldn’t hurt himself...
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