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Topics: Virtue, Health, Health care Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Reflection UNCC 100: By Natalie Harris – S00132892

Personally I have been fortunate enough to be one of the few people in relation to the world, who have been born into the wealth of the western world. Receiving an education, a home to live in and a good health care system. This reflection will discuss the common good and social justice in regard to the mission of the Australian catholic university, the affect it has had on my life and strategy’s to deal with challenges posed in my future profession as a nurse.

The acu mission is “guided by a fundamental concern for justice and equity, and the dignity of all human beings.” (The ACU Mission, 2012) this statement found from the acu mission, shows the strong belief that acu has about social justice and the common good. The common good is continuously being demonstrated at acu though catholic teaching that is imbedded in the teaching style. An example of acu in action can be seen an international collaboration project that improves the development of quality educational and institutional capacities in East Timor. Another project that acu founded is Clement Australia. “ Clemente is a unique program that brings university level education, delivered by ACU to disadvantaged people.” (Clemente Australia, 2009) A Clemente student explains "Events took away my confidence and self-esteem…the course helped me get back on track" (Clemente student)”. These are just a few of the many projects that ACU are evolved with to promote social Justice and the common good. During 2009 I saved up enough money, in order to travel to Zambia. Their I was confronted with a personal challenge. During my time over there I went with a doctor to a local village in Zambia to do a medical clinic. The doctor lead me into a small run down building where a man lay on a mattress. He was riddled with AIDS. This man would have been about 6 foot tall and yet weighed around 45kg. His face was gaunt,...
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