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Does English mean ordinary to you? For me, I think English is extra-ordinary in my life since it is a subject during my school life and at the same time it is a language which is commonly used. In my secondary school life, I have studied in two schools. One was taught in English and the other one was taught in Cantonese. As I have tried a different teaching mode from others, I experienced the importance of English. In the followings, I am going to share my thoughts on the good aspects and obstacles in learning English and suggest further improvements on my weakness. The two schools provided totally different ways for me to learn English. Firstly, they had English morning assembly every day. Although my second school used Cantonese as medium, it also put emphasis on English, for example there are English Day and Reading English Book Day. The above-mentioned activities could uplift my skills in different aspects English, for example listening and speaking skills. However, the demerit was that there was few chances to practice spoken English. During the English lesson, the teacher preferred to use Cantonese for the sake of taking care of the classmates who were weak in English. I could just make appointments with the English teacher to practice my English when I was free. To make improvements, I could only use the programs provided by Self-Learning Language Centre. In order to have further practices, I could just form a post-class group discussion with friends and ask teacher to give comments. Under the insistence of self-motivation, it helped me establish a more concrete foundation in English. 'Where there is a will, there is a way'. It is always true that English skills cannot be developed in one day. In the purpose of enhancing English skills, it is not enough for us to just rely on the knowledge learnt in lesson but also focus on the importance of self-learning and self-motivation.
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