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February 17,2013

“Jesus, led by the Spirit, wandered in the wilderness.”

The feeling that faith in God is superfluous to serving mankind is a growing attitude.  And even among practicing Christians the temptation to pull bits of Scripture out of the Bible and separate it from its source…I can say GOD! is strong.

I know all of us encounter different kinds of in kahit sa simpleng bagay nakikita natin to?

this undermines the strength of our faith and thus the strength of our compassion. If you think that keeping the lines about feeding the hungry and clothing the naked from the Bible is fine, but don’t care if we lose those passages about loving the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and strength, especially when loving God is equated with following His commands, take that faith and worship undermine good works.

Is this not the temptation to push aside faith and worship for more “real” concerns? The reality is quite the opposite, as we see with Jesus in His temptations.  When Jesus goes into the desert He does so in obedience to the Spirit, in a continuation of His baptism.  He enters into a time of intensive prayer and fasting in which He seeks to draw His strength and His love from the Father.  Now He enters into our temptations to push God away.  These temptations to push God away crop up for a number of reasons; because..

we can’t fix everything, because we suffer and others also suffer, because we desire to be in control of our own destinies and be assured that all will be well.  Jesus endures His temptation under great physical stress, He shares, in a way, our weaknesses.  He is showing me that my only hope in resisting “the delusions of false philosophies” is to recognize that WALANG SINUMAN ANG NABUBUHAY PARA SA SARILI LAMANG, “but first and foremost by obedience to God’s word.”

OH! Hindi ko malilimutang ang sayings na to since...
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