Reflecting Writing: Shattered Dreams

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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Mallory Mappes Mr. Kelty
English 101
Shattered Dreams
The morning before my swimming sectional meet I lay in bed at home. I knew at that moment my shoulder was injured. As I lay in bed, my body shakes and screams from the tension in my shoulder. Heart pounding and nerves were on fire. I knew this was no ordinary pain. Little did I know that one shoulder injury would diminish my dreams and keep me from becoming a swimmer at Indiana University. I started swimming competitively early on with the high school kids when I was in 7th grade. I was starting two- a -day practices, conditioning, and attending the workouts. I knew swimming was my whole life and I wasn’t going to let anyone or any injury bring me down. When I entered high school, I swam all the time; The Center Grove High School pool felt like a second home to me. The only problem with swimming for long periods of time and starting so young was that it wasn’t good for my developing muscles and shoulders.

In the back of my mind my worst fear while swimming was always injuring my shoulder, because I had heard horror stories of swimmers who can no longer swim because they over use their shoulder. Never the less I was always positive, and thought nothing would ever happen to me. If - something ever felt wrong or different, I would never whine or complain; I would just suck it up and go on with my race or practice. My junior year, I noticed a knot in my shoulder and it was affecting my stroke and how I would race at practice and meets. I never really said anything to my parents or coach because I was scared to let them or the team down. I continued to swim my junior year and ended up moving forward to sectionals, and my coach thought I had the potential to make it to state....
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