Reflecting on Oprah Winfrey Editorial “Dnt Txt N Drv”

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  • Published : July 16, 2011
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Reflecting on Oprah Winfrey Editorial “Dnt Txt N Drv”
In the recent years there have been many deaths attributed to texting while driving. In 1979 when Oprah Winfrey was a television reporter, death caused by a drunk driver was big news in her field. As these deaths continued to rise in number, news about them began to decline. Now a day we encounter a different kind of death, those deaths caused by people talking or texting on their cell phones, while driving. Many are being proactive on this issue, like President Obama, Secretary Ray LaHood and even Oprah herself by passing laws to ban said activities. Some people are still hesitant to change. Americans feel their lives are far too busy, and they feel the need to use idle time while driving to accomplish many of their tasks by making a call, sending a text or surfing the web. Oprah makes some valid points and raises some good concerns about the dangers of operating a cell phone while driving in the article like: many people are hesitant to change. It is convenient to have a cell phone next to you in case of an emergency , but while driving there is no need to use it if you have the possibility of endangering your life or someone else’s. She also points out that it is difficult to adjust to new change, but overall one should values one’s life and others. It is not worth it to answer the call, text or email while driving. Winfrey also points out, how easy it is to correct this problem and get instant results. In 2010 Oprah launched an online pledge campaign called “no phone zone”, where you pledge to make your car a “no phone zone.” Oprah engages the reader as she describes and compares with earlier years, when the dangers use to be with drunk driving and now it is with texting while driving. She also states a very sad story of a nine year old girl killed while on her bike just a few pedals away from her house, by a driver using a cell phone.

In the article you can perceive that the author is very...
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