Reflected Best Self

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  • Published : August 30, 2012
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Reflected Best Self

Common ThemeExamples GivenPossible Interpretation
Hard WorkingI am restless until I complete my pending task. I used to complete all my assignments projects within deadlines during engineering. I also adhere to my study/work schedule. I am ready to stretch to the limits of my capabilities for completing the job. I usually want to complete all my assignments before time. I am not a person who works well with deadlines. I am really focussed and like to plan my thing. I don't hesitate to walk the extra mile to get the job done. TrustworthyPeople can say whatever they feel like and I am open to feedback. I also give honest feedback to my friends so that they can improve upon their weaknesses and people expects me to stop them whenever they are doing something wrongWhen I am at my best, I am open to criticism and value people's feedback. I also believe in giving honest feedback to my friends, so that they can improve upon their weaknesses. My friends seek advice from me when they are not sure if what they are doing is something wrong.

Friendly and coolI handle things with a cool head. I am reliable and my friends expect me to help them whenever required. I share good relations and maintain my temper with everyone around meWhen I am at my best, I am a cool headed person. I derive satisfaction in help out my friends. IntelligentI am a keen observer of situations and surroundings. I believe in going beyond what is apparent at the surface and gaining in depth knowledge of the subject. I like to think out of the box and this has proved useful in unshackling my group discussions. .When I am at my best, I am a quick observer of things. I have good analytical skills and a keen eye for details. I am a problem solver. I try going to core of the problem and then solving it. I created the following table summarising the feedback received from colleagues, peers, family and friends.

When I am at my best, I always give my 100% to the task...
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