Reflect Upon Behavioral School of Thoughts and Ts Researches

Topics: Classical conditioning, Operant conditioning, Behaviorism Pages: 4 (967 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Learning occurs when expensive causes a relatively permanent change in an individual’s knowledge or behavior. The change may be deliberate or unintentional, for better or for worse, correct or incorrect, and conscious or unconscious. To qualify this as learning, this change must be brought about by experience or by interaction of a person with his or her environment.

The Behavioral Learning Theories are explanations of learning that focus on external events as the cause of changes in observable behaviors. The behavioral view generally assumes that the outcome of learning is change in behavior and emphasizes the effects of external events on the individual. Behavioral theorist emphasized the role of outside stimuli, focusing on behavior and observable response.

Classical Conditioning refers that when new stimuli will occur, automatic response will occur. It focuses on involuntary action can be learned if it is rapidly repeated to a certain stimulus. In classical conditioning a neutral stimulus turning into conditioned stimulus.

It was discovered b Ivan Pavlov in 1920’s and he conducted an experiment on it. Pavlov started with neutral stimulus of sound of turning fork and it produced no response from dog. Then Pavlov would give unconditioned stimulus which was food to dogs and it would produce salivation which is unconditioned response. Pavlov joined the stimulus together; he would give dog food (unconditioned stimulus) with sound of tuning fork (neutral stimulus).After repeating this stimulus, at the sound of tuning fork the dog will start salvation. So now the sound of tuning fork will be

conditioned stimulus and the response which is salivation is now conditioned response. Pavlov discovered 3 stages in this process;    Generalization: It is the process of responding the same manner to...
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