Reflect on Ways, in Which Stress Affects Your Own Life, and the Ways in Which You Cope with Your Stressors.

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  • Published : April 28, 2011
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Stress is a term used to describe the physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral responses to events that are appraised as threatening or challenging . But for me stress is a mental or emotional distraction condition which is caused due to pressure in everyday life. Stress can have a positive or a negative effect on a person depending on how it is dealt with. Sometimes, stress can actually have a positive impact, providing the individual with extra energy to feel motivated to finish an event or get a creative mindset on a project to complete a task. For example, the stress an athlete gets before a game might help them perform better. A positive form of a stressor, eustress produces chemicals that put us in a "fight or flight" mode and those reactions secure our survival. Unfortunately, stress in most cases is not helpful and can be extremely harmful if not dealt with effectively. For example, there are many students, who cannot deal with final exams. The pressure of the exam causes stress and the outcome is poor results. This negative kind of a stressor is called distress, the kind of stress that people usually are referring to when they use the word stress. Question 1

Stressors are events that cause a stress reaction . An extremely stressful situation that I have had to deal with over the past year was actually reapplying back to university. Due to poor results, in university, I was dropped and had to sit out a semester and then reapply back to university. Coupled with my core issues of being "lazy" and "avoidance" to face issues / realities, I feel that I got into the dangerous loop of escape or withdrawal. Due to the withdrawal I began to miss classes and did not pay too much attention towards preparing for homework's and tests and once I feel into this trap, I tried to evade these facts rather than take corrective actions. Pressure, which is a psychological experience produced by urgent demands or expectation for a person’s behavior that come from an outside source , was one of the causes of stress which eventually lead to me being dropped from university. Before I went off to university, I had a clear set of goals that I wanted to achieve once I had completed university. I wanted to be an investment banker after my education but I was left frustrated due to my inability to remain focused. Frustration is the psychological experience produced by the blocking of a desired goal or fulfillment of a perceived need . Another scenario which caused stress was actually taking online classes. In order for me to complete my reapplication process, I had to take four online classes. The stress that was involved with these classes was also quite severe. I had to complete several assignments, tests and essays in order to do well in the classes every week. Not completing assignment resulted in overall percentages to fall, therefore I was under immense pressure to perform, which resulted in stress to perform week in week out. A different type of stress that was caused was to find a good internship opportunity, to enhance my resume for future work. The competition in the banking industry is intense, with many qualified students applying for very few jobs. Therefore the selection process scrutinizes everyone so as to select the best candidates. Filling out application forms, preparing and revising my resume, preparing for interviews also caused a great deal of stress. Due to my poor results in university, I was scrutinized further by my parents on a day to day basis. They wanted to be updated on how my online classes were going and how well I was doing. When I was back at university, they would question my results once a week but with the disappointment of being dropped they were forced to put pressure on me to perform, thus adding extra stress to my everyday life.

Question 2
Due to my laziness and the stress that was being caused due to poor results I did not take care of my health and as I gained weight, it...
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