Reflect on the Role of a Teacher

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My role of the teacher is to provide a suitable learning environment for the students every need. This is done through careful planning and good resources. Being responsible for the learning of every student that is in my care. This could include going that extra mile to make sure that all aids and resources are put into place. By being someone who transmits knowledge and skills in appropriate formats to the students. Being a teacher I should be able to be versatile in dealing with different kind of learners. My most important role is to plan and prepare each session with a range of activities that will help the learner progress further. 

Being responsible for learners has its limits, in a pre.16 teaching post the care of the student is in my responsibility, however as they mature and are at the adult age my responsibilities stay the same but only in the learning environment. The responsibilities are to provide a safe learning environment, free of discrimination and be accepting and approachable and committed to improving ways of learning. Provide equal opportunities for all students regardless of gender, race or religion. Responsibilities include identifying the needs of my learners and planning and designing a course which meets the learner’s needs. Also delivering a course, which is appropriate for the learners, takes account of individual needs and which has clear aims and objectives. My responsibility is to ensure that the learner achievement and progression is checked throughout the learning process and at the end of the course. Also it is my responsibility to continually review the effectiveness of the course, including the content, delivery methods, resources, assessment strategies, environment issues and learner satisfaction.

There are boundaries associated with this role. Learners may not want to disclose needs and as a teacher I must respect their right to refuse to divulge sensitive information. Learners have a right to expect that personal information is kept confidentially and not discussed with others, unless permission has been given to do so or there are concerns for vulnerable adults. In the planning and designing of the course, I need to be aware of the requirements of the awarding Body, my own organisation and legal obligations (such as health and safety). Courses have to be planned so all learning outcomes are met in the time allowed. I must behave and communicate in an acceptable way (language which is discriminatory, judgemental or offensive should always be avoided). I must keep a professional distance and not become too friendly with my learners although a teacher/student relationship should always be based on mutual trust and respect.

Support is available through various sources:

Student Services / Guidance Advisers
Qualified and experienced Guidance Advisers are based in Student Services. They are here to provide information, advice and guidance on education, training and employment.

Financial Support
Student Services has a specialist Student Finance Adviser who can assist you with any concerns or queries regarding your financial needs.

There is a nursery on site age range 0 to 5 years old.

Provides the opportunity and space for you to share your worries and talk about things that may be difficult for you to share with anyone else.

Provides support and represents people of ‘All Faiths and None’ - which basically means that it provides support regardless of people’s beliefs.

Learner support
Provides support for most types of disabilities/difficulties

Care Leavers
Provides educational opportunities to young people in care and care workers.

Health and Wellbeing Booklet
Provides students and staff with access to a range of health and wellbeing support services.

Identify the relevant legislation/relevant codes of practice

Health and Safety
The college’s Health and Safety Policy is...
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