Refining Solutions Paper

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  • Published : September 8, 2012
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Refining Solutions Paper
03 September 2012

* Refining Solutions
* Refining solutions is the final step used in creative problem solving. During the refinement process, the creative thinker is required to work out the details that surround the issue, by checking for imperfections, and comparing the solution against other possible solutions (Ruggiero, 2009). When the thinker arrives at a solution, and has worked through the solution’s imperfections the creative thinker should consider what changes the solution will cause and how the solution affects other people. In week three of the creative minds and critical thinking class, given through University of Phoenix, I completed an assignment that addressed solving a problem using creative thinking skills. During the assignment, I concluded that “knowing when to inform my employer that I have reached my work limitations,” and “understand when I have reached a point that requires external medical assistance” are solutions to my original issue of “why am I stressed?” (James Knight, 2012, pp. 1-4). After careful review of both solutions, I chose the first mentioned as the best solution based on which of the two solutions that I directly could effect and address immediately. *

* The next step is to evaluate the solution by asking directing questions designed to make the argument more precise. The first question is how to apply the solution? The solutions application should be direct and concise. The next what difficulties could arise with the solutions implementation and how to overcome them? A difficulty that could arise is my employer’s frustration at my rejection of an increased workload. A solution for my employer’s frustration would be to direct the extra work to less burdened employees. A third question that should be addressed is why may others resist the solution and what modifications could be added to mitigate the resistance? Coworkers might resist my solution based on the...
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