Refining Solutions

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  • Published : July 29, 2013
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Refining Solutions
Kelly Barnes
Leatrice Phares
July 22, 2013

Refining Solutions
When a problem presents itself to a person, they need to create solutions for that problem. When a person refines their solutions, they are making good ideas even better. Basically, it is making the results of their creative thinking more effective, workable, and attractive. This stage is also about finding flaws and complications in the solutions and improving their ideas (Ruggiero, V. 2009). Original Issue

My issue happened a couple of years ago, when I was unsure if I wanted to continue college or drop out of college. Since I had graduated high school, I had struggled with college. I had attended three different colleges in three years. When I had dropped out of the third college, I was conflicted on whether to attended college anymore or not attend. I was blaming a lot on the colleges, saying that the college was not right for me. Later to find out that I was right about those colleges not being right for me but also that I needed to apply myself more to my studies. I worked many hours with my job (60 or more hours weekly) and I could not keep up with going back and forth to campus for class. The decision to whether or not attend college, was weighting on me to say the less. Initial Solutions

My first solution was to drop out of college because it just was not for me and I could not find a college that worked best for me. This was a lazy solution but one of the first solutions that came to mind. My second solution was to try a fourth college and perhaps see if it would work out. My third solution was to attend my last college and apply myself more. Critical Examination of Best Solution

To pick the best solution I had to look at each solution and find the flaws and imperfections. My first solution had a lot of flaws such as failing. If I dropped out of college I would be a “quitter”. I have always been competitive and never like to quit, so I did not feel...
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