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August 30, 2012

Topics: Performance Management, Financial Management and Financial Reporting

Overview Candidates are introduced to a comprehensive article on strategy. Strategy, a long-term plan of action designed to achieve a defined goal, is about making informed decisions based on internal and external information. Management accountants can help decision makers with this task no matter where they are in their career cycle. Candidates will apply some of the article concepts and prepare a business application report based on their own organization, identifying its mission, vision and values. Learning Outcome By the end of the assignment, candidates will have prepared an individual presentation about the relevance of their organization’s mission, vision and core values. Due Date Please refer to the Schedule accessed from the left navigation menu. Required Readings 1. “Developing a Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Strategic Positioning,” Murray Lindsay, July 17, 2006 (CMA Online Library). Candidates are required to review the following document located in the Reference Material section of the Professional Programs website: 1. “Effective Use of PowerPoint” (Reference Material).

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Business Application Report This assignment will be reviewed by your moderator who will provide you feedback as part of your Interactive Session evaluation at the end of IS1. An assessment rubric for this assignment is provided in Appendix 1. Option A: State your organization’s or division’s mission, vision and core values. If the mission is missing any of the key components mentioned in the Lindsay article, identify them and discuss the implications. Provide a recommended mission statement that considers all the key components. In addition, discuss one of the following and provide at least one example: a) How your organization/division uses the mission, vision and core values to set goals, OR b) How your organization’s/division’s mission, vision and/or core values align your performance or the activities of your department with the organization’s/division’s goals, OR c) How your organization’s/division’s mission, vision and/or core values impact your organization’s/division’s corporate culture and public image. Option B: Based on the key components mentioned in the Lindsay article, recommend mission, vision and goals for your respective organization or division. Candidates are required to prepare a report up to 500 words* with no more than four (4) pages of appendices for your moderator’s review. This report should follow the characteristics of an effective short business report provided in the Business Report Guidelines found in the Reference Material section of the Professional Programs website. The report does not require an executive summary, table of contents or bibliography, but should include a brief introduction and conclusion. Candidates should include an appendix with a brief overview of their organization and their role. * Each assignment has length specifications, defined in words and/or pages. Moderators will assess only the content within the specified length. See the Format Specifications for further information on length limits. If the candidate’s organization does not have a mission or vision, they should base their report on the mission and vision that is implied by the organization’s activities.

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During the Interactive Session, candidates will do a presentation on their report. Using the report, 1. Prepare up to five PowerPoint slides, referring to the Effective Use of PowerPoint located in the Reference Material section of the Professional Programs website for suggestions on how to...
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