Refer to Source 3, Everest the Hard Way and Either Source 1 or Source 2. You Are Going to Compare the Two Texts, One of Which You Have Chosen. 4. Compare the Different Ways in Which Language Is Used for Effect in the

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Question 4
Source 2, ‘Fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex Sue may have died from a sore throat’, and Source 3 ‘Everest the hard way’ are both non-fiction texts, but have different purposes for different audiences. Source 2 is a text written to inform readers of a new scientific discovery, who are newspaper readers interested in the subject. Source 3 is a non-fiction text, written to inform readers of a life changing experience, who read and are interested in stories of adventure. Source 2 uses practical, not very descriptive language to explain the information clearly in the article. It uses humorous language in the title, but it is also very factual, the main aim of the article. In Source 3, descriptive language is used to show the accounts of Pete Boardman’s experiences and make them more vivid. The language is serious; we see no humour in the piece. ‘A decision had to be made’ in comparison to ‘an infection that causes sore throats in pigeons’ is an example of this. Source 2 is using it’s ironic language to keep the audience interested and entertained, Source 3 is also doing something similar but is using serious, descriptive language. Source 3 uses descriptive language to put across a sense of excitement, using adjectives such as ‘sliding’, ‘surging’, ‘mercilessly’ and verbs such as ‘threaded’ and ‘smashed. These words bring to life the story and enhance the feelings that the reader has when he describes the second avalanche.. Source 2 is quite short, and doesn’t use any more words than necessary, so to make the story too complicated or verbose for the audience to read, therefore little descriptive language is used. Each text uses its descriptive/ lack of descriptive language to make their audience engaged in the piece. The use of specialist vocabulary in Source 3 makes the tone of the article knowledgeable and authoritative. ‘south col’, ‘south summit’, ‘crampons’ and ‘runnels’. Some Specialist vocabulary is also used in Source 2, which emphasises the scientific...
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